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Foshan E-Color Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized in inorganic pigments like inclusion stains, inclusion red and yellow ink jet printing pigments, cadmium series pigments, complex inorganic color pigments-CICP(MMO), body stains, zirconium series, cobalt series pigments and chrome oxide green, chemical products like sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP), ceramic diluting agent(similar to PC67), and zirconia ceramic milling medium. The products are widely applied to ceramics, enamel, glass, plastics, coatings, and paints. The global market stretches over dozens of countries like Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on...

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Nano zirconia

Nano zirconia

for Ceramics

Functional Additives for Ceramics

Zirconia Ceramic
Milling Medium

Zirconia Ceramic Milling Medium
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