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Nano zirconia

Nano zirconia is one of the main products of Jiangxi Jinhuan Pigments Co., Ltd, the main characteristics are as below:

1. Low sintering temperature, the sintering temperature ranges from 1250℃- 1320℃ which makes 40% power consumption to be saved.
2. High sintering density, the density after sintering can be 6.01-6.08, the strength can be 1300 GPa.
3. High productivity, the holding time has to be 2 hours only.
4. The grain size is small, strong toughness, Klc is 14, particular suitable for mobile phone backplane and intelligent wearing products.
5. High excellent rate, suitable for cutting and polishing, pinhole is seldom appeared after sintering.
6. The small grain size is suitable for large structral parts production which solves the problem of deformation and dehiscence of large parts completely.
7. The small grain size brings excellent ageing resistance.
8. The small grain size makes the specific surface area easy to adjust, particular suitable for dry pressing, casting and injection molding.
9. The grain size after sintering is very small which makes high hardness, particular suitable for low-wear grinding beads production.

Nano zirconia

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